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Pros for That Code of Conduct

Pros for That and all of our service providers pledge to follow the Pros for That code of conduct.  The code of conduct is our minimum standard of customer service, business ethics and individual values.  It’s about being respectful, having integrity and giving our best in all we do.


The code of conduct is divided up into seven areas of emphasis which are:


Respect Customers.  We will be respectful of our customers always and treat them with dignity and common courtesy.  We will give our customers the focus they deserve and always be attentive to their specific situation when providing service. 


Respect property.  We will always use care when working with or around the property of others.  Should our service require us to be in your home, we will always leave everything in as good, or better, condition than when we arrived, we will always clean up before we leave.  We will never use tobacco in your home.


Respect the law.  We will abide by all city and state laws and ordinances.  We will observe all laws governing our individual service disciplines.  We will do all within our power to uphold the law and those who are charged with the administration of the law.


Respect Competition.  We will treat our competitors with courtesy and respect while striving to be the best in our field.


Respect Yourself (Dignity and Self Worth).  We will never lower our standards and values for any reason.  Conducting ourselves in an appropriate manner at all times defines who we are.


Exhibit Integrity.  We will be honest and forthright in all we do.  We will speak out against impropriety and help protect the rights and property of others by standing up for what is right.


Service Excellence.  We will always strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and always attend to our responsibilities to the very best of our abilities.  We will provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if for any reason at all a consumer is not 100% satisfied with the service we provide we will make it right.



What others have said about our Certified Pros:

“On time, clean, personable, great job, great rates… What more could I possibly ask for!”

“Absolutely excellent service, on time is an understatement. Tim was an exceptional young man. Never tried to up sell anything, was extremely informative on everything we needed done... They are definitely on my speed dial.”

“They were very communicative, on-time, and fairly priced. Brian…did in about 20 minutes what I could not do all weekend. I highly recommend these guys - they are real, fair, and very friendly.”
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