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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Terms and Conditions

At Pros for That, LLC (Pros for That, our, we) all of our Certified Professionals (Members, them, they, their) are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Guarantee). We promise that if for any reason at all you are not 100% satisfied with the service provided by any of our Certified Professionals we will make it right or pay you up to $500!

Your use of the Pros for That website and/or services provided by Pros for That constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions as well as any other terms and conditions made available at prosforthat.com as they may be amended from time to time.

I. Who is Eligible. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is for individuals, homeowners, end users, and others that Pros for That may include at its sole discretion, (Consumers, you, your) who have entered in to a valid contract (Contract) with a Member business prior to any service having been provided to the Consumer. A valid contract is defined as an official agreement to provide specific services for a set fee; if the set fee is more than $249 the agreement must be in writing and must be signed by both the Member and the Consumer. Businesses, landlords, resellers, institutions, organizations, clubs and any others that Pros for That may exclude at its sole discretion are hereby specifically excluded from any and all participation in the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program. Pros for That retains the right to exclude any individual, homeowner, end user, and / or any others from eligibility under the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program at its sole discretion.

To be considered for eligibility to participate in the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program you must submit a request; the following conditions must exist at the time the request is submitted:

  • The Contract for the services for which the Consumer was not 100% satisfied must have been entered into with the Member within the last 12 months or services provided under the Contract must have been performed within the last 12 months.
  • The Consumer must have previously contacted the Member in a timely manner and requested that a remedy be provided by the Member and to date the Member has unduly delayed providing a remedy for the concern.
  • The Contract must have been entered into as the result of the Consumer contacting the Member through one of the various means provided by Pros for That. This must be verified by our call tracking systems and/or other reporting systems.
  • The Consumer must not be delinquent on payments of fees due to the Member under the terms of the Contract.
  • The request cannot contain any fraudulent information or be submitted for any fraudulent purposes.
  • The Member must have held a current Certified Pro status at the time the Contact was entered in to.

II. How to Submit a Request. All requests must be submitted in writing by email at customerservice@prosforthat.com, by fax at 480-840-6164, or mailed to Pros for That Customer Service, PO Box 14463 Mesa, AZ 85216.

All requests must include the following information before they are processed:

  • Your first and last name, phone number, address and email address
  • Date of request and the date you first contacted the member
  • How you contacted the member at that time
  • Date of Contract and last date service was performed
  • Amount of the Contract (A signed copy of the Contract must be included if the amount of the Contract is greater than $249)
  • Proof of payment to the Member or that your installments are current
  • A description of the service contracted for
  • Whether the service was completed. If not, why not
  • Your specific reason for not being 100% satisfied
  • When you contacted the Member and asked them to provide a remedy
  • What you asked them to do to “make it right”
  • What the Members response was
  • What you would like Pros for That to do to “make it right”
  • Your signature

III. How a Request is Handled. All requests will be reviewed by our customer service department within ten days of receipt to determine if the Consumer is eligible under the Guarantee. Once this is confirmed the customer service representative will contact the Member within ten days to provide the details of the request and give them the opportunity to provide any feedback about the request. The Member will have ten days from the date of their notification of the request to respond. If the Member chooses to provide the remedy requested by the Consumer in the request the Consumer shall allow the Member the opportunity to do so. If the Consumer does not allow the member to provide said remedy without good cause; good cause being determined at the sole discretion of Pros for That; Consumer will thereby forfeit any eligibility under the Guarantee. If Member chooses to provide the remedy requested or another agreed upon remedy Member will need to provide the details of what has been done or what has been agreed upon by both the Member and the Consumer as a resolution within ten days from the date of their notification of the request. The Consumer will then be contacted within ten days and given a summary of the resolution as provided by the Member. The request will then be closed unless the Consumer notifies Pros for That within ten days of the date that Pros for That sends the summary of the resolution to the Consumer that Consumer is not satisfied with the resolution provided.

In the event that the Member does not provide a remedy Pros for That will gather any additional details about the complaint from the Member and Consumer and, after review, make a recommendation for resolution. Each party will have ten days to accept or reject the resolution. If the recommendation is accepted by all parties involved and the requirements of the accepted resolution are fulfilled the complaint will be closed.

If the request is not resolved due to the Consumer’s and/or Member’s lack of acceptance of the recommended resolution Pros for That will at its sole discretion provide the remedy it deems appropriate or pay the Consumer an amount not to exceed $500. The Consumer shall not receive any such payments in excess of the amount of the Contract for the services about which the complaint was made. The amount of this payment will be determined by Pros for That at its sole discretion. Any remedies and/or payments provided will be so provided at the sole discretion of Pros for That. Pros for That will not pay more than $500 or provide remedies valued at more than $500 to any single Consumer or group of consumers within any consecutive 30 month period.

IV. Limitation of Liability. While at Pros for That we do stand behind all of our Certified Professionals with our 100% satisfaction guarantee we do not provide any other guarantees or warrantees express or implied. In the event that a Consumer is not 100% satisfied with the service provided by one of our Members Pros for That will help “make things right” through the processes described above however Pros for That is not responsible or liable for the actions of any Member or Members nor for the results of a Consumer’s use of the information we provide. All contracts and agreements including all terms, conditions, representations, warranties, etc arising from a Consumer’s dealings with a Member or Members, are between the Consumer and the Member or Members exclusively and do not involve Pros for That. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee does not give any specific rights express or implied to the Consumer.

V. Miscellaneous. Pros for That reserves the right to change, amend and/or discontinue any or all of the programs described herein at any time with or without notice.

The terms “remedy” and “remedies” as used herein describe any action taken to provide a solution to a Consumer’s concern.

Businesses listed on our website as "Membership Pending" are businesses who have not yet been aproved for membership and are not yet Certified Pros.   These businesses are currently under review for membership and are listed for your information only.  Pros for That does not guarantee the services provided by these businesess. 

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